Why Calibration Service Companies Need Software

If you’re running a calibration service then you’ll know that organising engineer teams, managing their workload, tracking repairs, and producing certificates can be very time-consuming and prone to error. For companies of all sizes improving productivity, streamlining admin, and lowering costs are all goals to be achieved but this can be almost impossible without the right software solution.

This is where calibration management software can help. Using a centralised tool, accessible by your office-based staff and field-based engineers will allow for more efficient planning and scheduling, with more accurate data and instant access to reports.

What are the Key Features of Calibration Management Software?

Software solutions for calibration companies could have a wide range of features but should include the following:

  • Customer & Asset Management.
  • Scheduling and Pricing.
  • Asset certificate templates, validating data on entry, that perform your calculations and produce PDF certificates automatically.
  • Cloud-based Central System that is accessible from anywhere.
  • Offline Mobile System that is able to function without an internet connection.
  • Engineer time tracking.
  • Customer-facing portal including their asset register and options for self-service.
  • Fully audited, keeping you prepared for regulatory audits.

How will this Benefit my Calibration Service?

The aim of Calibration Management Software is to help your services operate more efficiently.

Requirements to complete manual paperwork are removed giving your whole team confidence that data is accurate. Engineers will have detailed information for each job in advance, reminding them of the test equipment required and any access restrictions. This will result in fewer mistakes and fewer return visits – the end result is happier customers and a healthier bottom line.

Your overall service will improve significantly and going paperless will reduce your costs. This is a hot topic for corporate social responsibility (CSR) that could also help attract new customers.

Even before the covid-19 pandemic, which has significantly accelerated the speed at which new services and technology are being adopted. Globally we were rapidly moving towards an experience and service-based economy to provide added value for our customers. Aside from the obvious operational benefits of using a Calibration Management System. Having a Client Portal available to manage key interactions with your customers, promoting your own USPs, allowing customers to self-serve as much as possible, will mean you’re riding the crest of this wave of innovation. This puts you ahead of your competition, showing that you understand your customer needs and the way society is moving.

Want to Know More?

For a more in-depth analysis see our whitepaper Why Automate & Integrate Calibration Management: an Executive Overview to Boost Productivity and Service Levels. Alternatively, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.